We Power Life...as Environmental Leaders

Entergy is nationally recognized as an environmentally and socially responsible utility. We were the first U.S. utility to commit to voluntarily stabilizing CO2 emissions, and for 17 consecutive years the Dow Jones Sustainability Index has included Entergy on either its World or North America index or both.
Entergy's Global Reporting Initiative disclosures align with the GRI standards and can be found here.? Current and past performance on key sustainability indicators can also be viewed on our?Performance Data Table and our EEI ESG template.

Developing solutions for the environment requires short-term and long-term actions along with commitment and follow-through. In 2011, we adopted Environment 2020, a comprehensive environmental strategy and management system that covers six areas of strategic action. Learn more about Environment 2020 by exploring the links to the left and Entergy's Environmental Performance by?clicking here.
Entergy aspires to be an industry leader in protecting our environment, and we expect our employees, agents and suppliers to provide goods and services in an environmentally conscientious manner. Entergy has an enterprise-wide environmental vision and policy for employees, and our Suppliers' Code of Conduct sets forth expectations regarding environmental responsibility for suppliers and vendors.

Clear Commitment and Comprehensive Strategy

The documents above are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to add enforceable legal or regulatory requirements. The documents do, however, include additional performance expectations adopted by the Company.

Environment2020 Focuses on Performance: